Privacy Policy

Last Updated : 14 January 2016

Your Personal Information

Gamepixel's privacy policy is simple in a nutshell. We do not collect or store any of your personal information when you use our apps. Users are not required to have a user account before using our apps.

Disqus Commenting System

Gamepixel provides user interaction functionality on our sites/apps through Disqus. Disqus is a 3rd-party commenting platform. When users participate in conversations using the Disqus commenting platform, they will be required to log in with a Disqus account, or selected social media accounts. Please read the Disqus privacy policy. Gamepixel does not store any of the comments content or user information on our servers.

Secure Browsing

Gamepixel uses SSL (secure socket layer) to encrypt data transmission within our sites and apps. This will provide users with a secured browsing/surfing environment.

3rd-Party Websites

Gamepixel, where appropriate or necessary, may send users to 3rd-party websites to play games or interact with other users on those websites. Such 3rd-party websites may use cookies, user accounts or any other form of tracking mechanism to collect and record user data. In such circumstances, we recommend users to read and acknowledge the terms and policies of these websites before continuing to use them.